3D Visualisation

Whether it's products, buildings or events, 3D visualisation is fast becoming a standard presentation tool in the communication of ideas. It is a safe assumption that many clients lack the ability to read plans or interpret sketches. However clearly you explain a concept there is no substitute for a high quality image or animation in explaining and embodying your ideas.

A picture, they say, speaks a thousand words. We think it's much more.


3D Services

We can work with you at any stage from concept generation to final presentations. We use only engineering and design graduates so you will be talking to someone who understands.

Static Visualisations are the most popular format. Rendered at virtually any resolution, they can be printed, projected, incorporated in presentations and edited graphically. We use high end hardware and software to create photo-realistic high definition images. These can be alone or composited into an existing image.

Animations are increasingly used to add the realism and explain concepts that evolve or interact. These can be presented as looped photorealistic movies or diagrammatic flash animations on the web.


Hourly charging is best suited to open ended jobs where we are assisting in the concept development. We believe in transparent pricing and you will receive a detailed timesheet with you bill or on request during the job. The current hourly charge is £65. Time frames will obviously vary widely. A simple single image could be 2 hours, a complex animation could take 2 weeks. We can certainly estimate the time frame on receipt of a brief.

Fixed job pricing can be arranged where the deliverables are well defined and is best suited to images and animations of finalised concepts.